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Main causes of building disputes identified

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The Ministry of Construction has pointed out five major causes of disputes between investors and customers at apartment buildings.

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The ministry filed the report to the prime minister after receiving information and reports from 43 out of 63 cities and provinces. Those are provinces with highest dispute rates in Vietnam concerning the definition of common areas, maintenance fee, the construction quality and first meeting between investors and customers. There are also disputes over purchase contracts, land-use certificates, and other disputes over the operation.

According to the ministry, there were five main causes for disputes. The first was vague regulations about apartment building management. The regulations about how to calculate the apartment area and common area aren't clear and the penalties aren't suitable.

Secondly, many investors are actually incapable of operating the buildings and violated regulations about fire safety and land transfers. Thirdly, home buyers are also blamed for not reading the contracts carefully.

The authorities in many localities haven't fulfilled their responsibility in raising legal awareness of both investors and buyers. Finally, the building investors, operators and buyers rarely hold meetings to talk about issues in a constructive and structured way.

Disputes between investors, buyers and other parties have occurred at 108 of 215 reported buildings. The rest saw disputes over ground clearance compensation and other issues with the government.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc also said as long as suitable solutions weren't found, it would only get more difficult to resolve disputes. 

The prime minister asked the Ministry of Construction to review the content of the disputes to revise the regulations. The local authorities in all cities and provinces were asked to submit reports about building disputes to the Ministry of Construction by November 30 last year. 

In near future, the ministry will carry out inspections at the reported buildings as the disputes are getting more complicated.



Source: Dtinews 

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