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Cao Bang age gap marriage shocks public

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A marriage in the northern mountainous province of Cao Bang has shocked the public as the wife is 35 years older than her husband.

The love story about the couple Le Thi Thu Sao, 61, and Trieu Hoa Cuong, 26, has been a hot topic on Vietnamese social networks. 

Cuong belongs to the Dao ethnic minority group and lives some 40 kilometres from Sao’s house in Cao Bang City.

Sao said her first husband died in 2011 due to sickness, leaving her behind to take care of two daughters. She has set up a café shop and a beauty care centre to earn living.

She provided consultancy to Cuong who was looking for skin treatments in late 2017. After that, Cuong came to her centre for the care once a week. Then they gradually became close friends.

Sao also told him about her private life and that her husband died. 

Cuong after that showed his love for the woman and asked her whether she wanted to get married.

In May this year, while on the way from Cuong’s house to Cao Bang City, Cuong suddenly stopped the motorbike and picked some wildflowers by the roadside to propose to her. Sao agreed.

Cuong always prepares surprising gifts to present Sao on special occasions. He also pays attention to her hobbies.

Both families supported their marriage, including Sao’s daughters.    

The broom’s parents who are even younger than Sao initially worried about Cuong’s proposal for the marriage, but they then agreed when their son was determined to do this.

Regarding the question that many people may think that Cuong wanted to take advantage of the marriage to earn money from her, the wife denied this, noting that he had never used her money.  


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