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City mulls car tolls to ease traffic

 In an effort to reduce traffic congestion, the People’s Committee of HCM City has approved a plan to collect road tolls on cars entering downtown areas.


Life in a Saigon slum

HCM City once was called the “Pearl of the Far-East” during the French colonial period, however, in the middle of District 1 is a slum where the houses are so small that a family has no spac [ … ]


Hà Nội’s sidewalks are clean, next the skies

Oversized billboards featuring popular brands have been common in Hà Nội for a long time now. However, removing these illegal billboards is trickier than erecting them, needing committed enf [ … ]


Hanoi apartment block renovation drive almost non-existent

Hanoi now has around 1,500 old apartment buildings with many deteriorated; but only 14 have been restored.


Gov’t asks HN to build parking spaces, parks

Deputy Prime Minister Trịnh Đình Dũng has asked Hà Nội’s People’s Committee to revise its construction plan and build more parks and parking areas to serve people.


HCM City to open eight pedestrian streets downtown

The HCM City’s Department of Transport has proposed opening eight pedestrian streets in the downtown area.


HCM City seen having more one-way roads

The HCMC government has plans to re-designate a lot of two-way downtown streets as one-way roads in an effort to reduce congestion at rush hour.


Hà Nội to set up public parking on some streets

Hà Nội City’s 197 Steering Committee (tasked with the implementation of traffic order and safety) has asked the city People’s Committee to manage public parking zones on some qualified stree [ … ]


City to address numbering chaos

The HCM City Department of Construction is seeking ideas of a new system of house numbering to resolve address number chaos in the city.


Hà Nội rejects increase of electric cars

A proposal to increase the number of electric cars to boost Hà Nội’s tourism has been rejected by the capital city’s People’s Committee


Hà Nội reduces loudspeakers in inner city

While the number of loudspeakers in Hà Nội’s outlying districts and towns will remain unchanged, only five to 10 will be retained in each of the inner-city wards, at necessary locations, acc [ … ]


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