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Hanoians want to remove old public loudspeakers

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 More than 70 per cent of Hanoians agree that the public loudspeakers used to communicate Government messages should be scrapped, according to the results of a recent survey conducted by the Hà Nội People’s Committee.

Most Hanoians want to remove old public loudspeakers because they are outdated. – Photo


The survey was carried out via the city’s web portal from October 10 to 25 to review a year-long project to improve the quality and effectiveness of commune-level broadcasting systems in the capital.

The results showed that 70.13 per cent of people thought that loudspeakers should be removed.

The results were similar to a survey conducted last year.

In terms of alternatives, 61.25 per cent were in favour of updating the system, while 38.75 per cent said they were no longer necessary.

The survey also found that 32.59 per cent of people now use smartphones or tablets to access information, while 27.34 per cent use TV. They were followed by PCs, newspapers and radio.

While loudspeakers help disseminate information, many people are disturbed by the blaring noise.

These old-style loudspeakers came into use in Hà Nội during the 1960s and ’70s, when North Việt Nam was at war with the US-backed South Việt Nam. During that time, speakers were the fastest way to deliver news from the front line and warn people to take shelter from American bombings.

But they are obviously outdated in the inner city, where broadband, wireless internet connections, cable and satellite TV, and hundreds of newspapers and magazines are so popular.

And in modern life, the current content that the loudspeakers broadcast - mostly patriotic songs and Government policies - is no longer necessary.

Their deafening volume and the fact that smartphones give easy access to any information people need has quickened their demise.

Last year, the city cut back the number of loudspeakers and stated that they would only be used in emergency situations such as natural disasters, search and rescue or disease control.

Since last year, the city has been carrying out a pilot programme with the support of State-owned telecommunications corporation VNPT which is overseeing the design and production of router-like devices named M-Gateway, that uses a wireless internet connection to broadcast Government notices and other content.

A few selected households in certain areas in inner districts such as Hoàn Kiếm and Ba Đình were the first to experience the new method of State information dissemination. 

M-Gateway, the “smart device network” that is earmarked to replace the loudspeakers, will also enable easier access to administrative services without requiring residents to directly go to State agencies. Residents can also make online payments for electricity or water, as well as send their feedback or complaints directly to the city’s authorities via the device.


Source: VNS

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