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Storm Chanthu heads for Vietnam-China border


Tropical storm Chanthu – the second to hit the East Sea this year - is moving quickly towards China’s Leizhou peninsula and Vietnam’s border Quang Ninh province.


Storm Chanthu will miss Vietnam mainland


Chanchu, the second storm in the East Sea, is getting stronger. Forecasters say that it is heading to coastal region to the east of China’s Leizhou Peninsula, and later will move to Guangxi province [ … ]


Preparations to cope with storm Chanthu

altThe Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control met on July 20 to discuss measures to cope with this year’s second storm, Chanthu, while dealing with the consequences of t [ … ]

17 still missing from typhoon Conson


A foreign cargo ship has rescued 10 Vietnamese fishermen who went missing after typhoon Conson struck the mainland last weekend, officials said Monday, adding 17 others have not been found yet.

[ … ]

Storm appears in East Sea 2 days after first typhoon



A chart by Vietnam’s National Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Center shows the direction of storm No.2


A tropical depression in the East Sea has developed into storm and is on course t [ … ]


Another storm likely to form in East Sea

altA tropical low pressure system has entered the East Sea and is forecast to strengthen into a storm, weather experts warn.

Storm Conson causes huge damage in northern Vietnam


At least one child is reported to have been killed and 11 people are still missing after tropical storm Conson hit the north of Vietnam on July 17.




Conson calms; 1 person killed, three injured, 11 missing in Vietnam


One person was killed in northern Vietnam and three injured as tropical storm Conson struck the Southeast Asian nation yesterday, the National Committee for Flood and Storm Control said today on its [ … ]


Conson hits Tonkin Gulf


Tropical storm Conson is moving northwest and is expected to strike coastal areas in northern and north-central provinces tonight, July 17, before becoming tropical depression.



Storm Conson changes direction, heads to northern delta


Instead of moving to the Vietnam-China border as previous forecast, Conson is moving to the south, heading to the northern delta. Hanoi and northern cities are preparing against flooding.



Tropical storm to bring strong winds, heavy rain to the north


The first tropical storm of the year, Conson, is expected to bring high winds and rain to northern Viet Nam, warns the National Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Centre.



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