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Heat wave to burn stronger in Vietnam


Summer in the city: sweltering heat will continue over the next few days, with the most oppressive temperatures set to hit the central region (Photo: The sweltering heat will continue to scorch the northern and central regions [ … ]


Ha Noi prepares for rainy season

Deputy chairman of the Ha Noi People's Committee Nguyen Van Khoi on Wednesday asked authorities to take measures to curb flooding and prevent it from affecting celebrations for the 1,000th annivers [ … ]


Hot weather to cover country next days

The National Hydrometeorological Forecast Centre said that the country would continue experiencing hot and muggy weather across vast areas over the next few days.



Dry conditions threaten local way of life

As the dry season approaches, the upper part of the Red River which runs through Lao Cai City has nearly completely dried up exposing its virtually bare river bed.



Drought and hear turn life in central Vietnam upside down

Lacking clean water for consumption and irrigation, salt water infiltration into the mainland, people rising early for work to avoid the harsh sunlight - these are the inconveniences caused by this [ … ]

North Vietnam suffers drought

The water level in the Hong (Red) River, the country's second biggest river has reached a record low for a century, leaving more than 200 vessels stranded and threatening farming production, warned au [ … ]

Climate change and the future of Vietnam

The UN Conference on Climate Change will last from December 7-18 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the final chance for countries to reach an agreement on cooperative action to cope with and adapt to ra [ … ]

Northern Vietnam faces drought

According to the Centre for Meteorological and Climate Research under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, an El Nino will develop in the next few months, causing higher temperatures thi [ … ]

Vietnam orders evacuations as tropical storm heads for coast

Vietnamese authorities ordered evacuations in central and southern coastal provinces as Tropical Storm Mirinae approached the coast.

Conference examines wider impact of climate change

A flash flood hit Nhan Mon Commune, Pac Nam District in northern Bac Can Province in July.Climate change impacts, including extreme weather, increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters such as typhoon and floods, will threaten people's lives and lead to serious disorders like po [ … ]

Could a tsunami really hit Vietnam?

Scientists are having to think the unthinkable - that Vietnam could get hit by a tsunami. After the tsunami off Indonesia’s Sumatra island in 2004 which killed over 230,000 people, the Vietnamese gove [ … ]


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