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New trailer released for award-winning documentary Inside This Peace

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A trailer has been unveiled for award-winning documentary Inside This Peace, which will be officially released next month in US theatres.

The poster for Inside This Peace. — Photo Thanh Hà


The documentary is by filmmaker Linh Nga and focuses on Agent Orange (AO). The main character of the documentary is Thoa, who is struggling with the impacts of AO.

Nga said she made the film to give a voice for the invisible and voiceless. She met Thoa at a charity show 13 years ago.

"Although the US government does not accept my views, I still take the discussion on this issue more strongly and openly," Nga said. "In the near future I will be able to open more workshops and make free movies for communities and call on social organisations and American veterans to join."

Inside This Peace won the Best Feature Documentary award at the California Women’s Film Festival and the Award of Merit for a documentary feature at The Global Film Awards in January.

The documentary is the second film of 9669 Films produced by Nga. The film is a collaboration of Professor Frank Deese, a Hollywood writer in the 1990s, and director Roy Finch in the role of content and script consultant.

Nga is one of the few Vietnamese directors to have her own film company in the US. She graduated from Dodge College of Film and Media Arts – Chapman University. 

Director Linh Nga (right) and main character Nguyễn Thoa from Inside This Peace. — Photo Thanh Hà


Source: VNS