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Abundance of young singers

Regardless of complaints about a music market overloaded with new singers and new songs, many contests still seek more new voices.


Ca Tru troupe joins ranks of singing elite

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A recently formed professional ca tru (ceremonial singing) troupe called the Thang Long Ca Tru Troupe has given its first official performance to a Ha Noi audience.


Leading rock band suspected of piracy

An online forum on music,, suddenly raised its doubt about Ngu Cung, a famous rock band in Vietnam that may have pirated foreign music.


Singers owe popularity to the internet

Undiscovered Vietnamese teen singers are kick-starting their careers by posting their songs online.



Nguyen Anh 9 – The sounds of piano

Renowned songwriter and pianist Nguyen Anh 9 will come to Hanoi to participate in a concert in honor of his music at the Hanoi Opera House on March 22, which belongs to a monthly series entitled “Po [ … ]

Long lost ’old flame’ discovered

Old flame: Ngo Vu Bich Diem, who was the muse that launched Trinh Cong Son's eternal love poem, Diem Xua.For most Vietnamese, it is the mother of all love songs, a paean to the exquisite misery of being in love and of yearning to see one's beloved.

Nominations for Music Dedication Awards 2009 announced

The fifth Music Dedication Awards 2009 nominations for best album, best music programme, best composer and singer have recently been announced.

Singers hit high social note

Rock and pop music stars Dam Vinh Hung and Kasim Hoang Vu have become Goodwill Ambassadors for the Life Is Beautiful campaign that raises awareness about problems faced by people with disabilities.

Korean rockers to perform in Vietnam

Buiret, a 3-member rock band from South Korea, will rock HCM City on the evening of March 19.


Southwest Chamber Music begins its Vietnam visit

On Tuesday, Southwest Chamber Music, the intrepid new-music ensemble based in Pasadena, dramatically entered Hanoi's current with a cultural exchange more ambitious than any before between the Uni [ … ]

Cai luong loses ground in Delta birthplace

Cai luong (reformed theatre) is struggling to keep its audiences, whose interests in the art form are being lost to modern entertainment in the cradle of its birthplace, the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta, w [ … ]

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