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Trump will sign bill to avoid shutdown, then announce $8bil national emergency for border wall

Trump will sign bill to avoid shutdown, then announce $8 billion national emergency…

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Chinese couples can't afford a second child, no matter what Beijing wants

Before her son was born, Chen Huijuan was happy to splash out on…

Apple Stores to employ human trafficking victims

Apple Stores, employ human trafficking victims

Apple has announced a programme to help human trafficking victims get behind-the-scenes jobs at its stores.


Thais mourn boxer Anucha Kochana, 13, killed in fight

Thailand, boxer Anucha Kochana, 13, killed in fight, ban children from boxing bouts

The death of a 13-year-old boy who was knocked out in a Thai kickboxing match has led to renewed pressure on Thailand to ban children from boxing bouts.


Melania calls for national security aide Mira Ricardel's firing

US, Melania calls for national security aide Mira Ricardel's firing

US First Lady Melania Trump has called for a top national security aide to President Donald Trump to be fired.


Mourning dog waits for 80 days in road where owner died

China, mourning dog waits for 80 days, road, where owner died

A loyal dog which has waited on a busy road for more than 80 days after its owner died there has captured the hearts of online communities in China.


California wildfires: At least 42 are killed in deadliest blaze

California wildfires, deadliest blaze

Thirteen more bodies have been recovered in California, bringing the death toll in the US state's deadliest wildfires to 42, officials say.


California wildfires: Death toll rises to 31 with 200 missing

California, wildfires, death toll rises

The death toll in wildfires sweeping California has risen to 31, with more than 200 people still unaccounted, officials have said.


Aerospace giant Bombardier to cut 5,000 jobs worldwide

Aerospace giant Bombardier, cut 5,000 jobs

Bombardier workers face uncertainty after the Canadian aerospace giant announced 5,000 job cuts around the world.


Australia strawberry scare: Woman arrested in Queensland

Australia strawberry scare, Queensland, woman arrested

A woman has been arrested in Queensland in connection with the 'strawberry scare' where sewing needles were found hidden inside fruit.


Melbourne attack: Man arrested after fire and stabbings

Melbourne attack, after fire and stabbings, man arrested

A man has been arrested after setting a car on fire and stabbing three people - one fatally - in central Melbourne, Australia.


Second Brit dies after 'Brazilian butt lift' surgery

'Brazilian butt lift' surgery, second Brit dies

A second British woman has died from 'Brazilian butt lift' surgery, the BBC has learned, as fresh warnings come over the risks.


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