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Trump will sign bill to avoid shutdown, then announce $8bil national emergency for border wall

Trump will sign bill to avoid shutdown, then announce $8 billion national emergency…

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Chinese couples can't afford a second child, no matter what Beijing wants

Before her son was born, Chen Huijuan was happy to splash out on…

The top 26 billionaires own $1.4 trillion — as much as 3.8 billion other people

The world's billionaires are growing $2.5 billion richer every day, while the poorest half of the global population is seeing its net worth dwindle.


Italian town of Sambuca in Sicily sells homes for a dollar

Italian town of Sambuca, can buy a house for less than the cost of an espresso

Looking for a dose of instant sunshine to help you through the winter? This latest deal out of Italy could be just the warm jolt of vitamin D you need.


May survives, but the Brexit battle resumes

In what is now becoming a familiar sight on TV screens in homes across the UK, Theresa May walked out of the door of Downing Street late on Wednesday evening to address the nation.


A humiliating Brexit defeat, but May will likely stagger on

Just 24 hours after incurring a historic parliamentary defeat, British Prime Minister Theresa May faces another challenge to her premiership: A vote of no confidence in her government.


China sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling

Drug smuggling, China sentences Canadian to death

A Canadian citizen in China has been sentenced to death after a court convicted him of drug smuggling on Monday, a move likely to further inflame tensions between Ottawa and Beijing.


Luxembourg makes all public transport free

Luxembourg, public transport free

With a population of 602,000, Luxembourg is one of Europe's smallest countries -- yet it suffers from major traffic jams.


Trump says he had 'great conversation' with Putin, calls media reports 'nonsense'

President Donald Trump blasted recent reports by The Washington Post and The New York Times that raised questions about his private meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and reveale [ … ]


Volkswagen sold over 10 million cars last year. Only 1% were electrified

Volkswagen, electric cars

Volkswagen sold a record 10.8 million cars in 2018. Only 100,000 were electrified.


The world's richest couple is divorcing. That doesn't mean there will be drama

When high-profile CEOs with mega wealth get divorced, many assume it will be a contentious, drawn-out drama.


Flu shot may be more effective than nasal vaccine, study says

When it comes to vaccinating yourself -- or your kids -- against the flu, there are two options in the United States: a traditional shot or a nasal spray.


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