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66 feared dead as plane crashes in Iran mountains

Aseman Airlines flight EP3704 disappeared from radar around 45 minutes after takeoff from…

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Threatened and vilified, but Philippine lawyer says he wants 'death squad president' in court

'I don’t care if millions of Filipinos will look at me as a…

Schizophrenia patients calmed by video game

Schizophrenia patients, calmed, video game

People with schizophrenia can be trained by playing a video game to control the part of the brain linked to verbal hallucinations,


How Ed Sheeran stopped worrying about being fat

Ed Sheeran, stopped worrying, fat

Ed Sheeran says he's stopped worrying about his weight after feeling pressure to slim down early in his career.


Unilever threatens to pull ads from Facebook and Google

Unilever has threatened to withdraw ads from platforms like Google and Facebook if they do not do enough to police extremist and illegal content.


Amazon plans hundreds of layoffs

Amazon is cutting hundreds of positions at its headquarters and global operations, a reset that comes after several years of significant growth.


Plastic waste 'building up' in Arctic

Norwegian Arctic, plastic waste, building up

Plastic waste is building up in the supposedly pristine wilderness of the Norwegian Arctic, scientists say.


Bangkok woman killed taking selfie on train tracks

Thailand, Bangkok woman, taking selfie on train tracks, killed

A woman has been killed while taking a selfie with a friend on a train track in Thailand.


Food may influence cancer spread

Food, poultry, seafood, cancer spread, evidence

There is mounting evidence the food on your plate can alter cancer's growth and spread, say Cambridge scientists.


Thai tycoon charged over poaching in protected sanctuary

Thai tycoon, charged over poaching, protected sanctuary

The head of one of Thailand's largest construction firms has been charged for allegedly poaching in a protected wildlife sanctuary, police say.


Taiwan earthquake: Series of powerful aftershocks hit Hualien

Taiwan, strong earthquake, aftershocks

Aftershocks continue to rattle Taiwan after a strong earthquake that killed at least two people and injured more than 200 others.


Plastic pollution: Scientists' plea on threat to ocean giants

Plastic pollution, threat to ocean giants

Scientists are calling for research on the impacts of microplastics on whales, sharks and rays that strain tiny food, like plankton, out of seawater.


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