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Society 3-month-old baby can stand and walk

A three-month-old-new born baby from Chongqing can sit alone, stand and walk with mere assistance, Xinhua news report today.



David Cameron coalition team in first cabinet meeting

David Cameron is preparing for his first cabinet meeting as prime minister as he puts the finishing touches to his historic coalition government.




EU unveils blueprint to reinforce economic governance

The European Commission on Wednesday unveiled a blueprint to reinforce economic governance in the European Union (EU), aiming to avoid a repeat of the Greek debt crisis through tighter budgetary ru [ … ]


105 killed in air crash in Libyan capital

A total of 105 people including 94 passengers and 11 crew members were killed in an air crash on Wednesday at Tripoli airport, Al-Jazeera television reported.





NASA deploys research aircraft to assess oil spill

NASA has commissioned its instrumented research aircraft, the Earth Resources-2 (ER-2), to the Gulf of Mexico to help assess the spread and impact of the current massive oil spill, it was announced [ … ]


Top 29 "Male paradise" in 2010 (I)

U.S. famous male website has posted "Top 29: Best Cities to Live in 2010."





Thai gov't announces to cut water, power supply to "red-shirts"

The Thai government's Center for the Resolution of Emergency Situations (CRES) on Wednesday announced to cut water and power supply to "red-shirt" protesters.


David Cameron is UK's new prime minister


Conservative leader David Cameron has become the UK's new prime minister after the resignation of Gordon Brown.


Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will be his deputy after they agreed to the UK's firs [ … ]


Elena Kagan nominated by Obama for Supreme Court.

US President Barack Obama has nominated Solicitor-General Elena Kagan as the 112th justice to the Supreme Court.




EU Finance Ministers Agree on Euro Stabilization Package

The European Union has cobbled a last ditch, US$960 billion safety net for financially struggling members, hoping to calm fears that the Greek financial crisis will spread to other euro zone countr [ … ]

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