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Kim Jong-un visits China after Trump summit

North Korea's Kim Jong-un is making a two-day visit to China, a week after meeting US President Donald Trump.


Moscow crash taxi driver 'feared crowd lynching'

Moscow, Saturday's crash, taxi driver, ploughed into pedestrians, Mexican World Cup fans

The Moscow taxi driver who ploughed into pedestrians says he fled because he feared the crowd would kill him.


General Electric faces fines over French jobs pledge

France is threatening to take the unusual step of fining General Electric if it fails to create a set number of jobs in the country.


Cambodia Prince Ranariddh injured and wife killed in car crash

Cambodia Prince Ranariddh, car crash

A Cambodian prince and former prime minister has been injured and his wife killed in a head-on car collision in the south-west of the country.


World Cup 2018: Kaliningrad - the venue next door to the West

World Cup 2018, Kaliningrad, football souvenirs, World Cup stadium, President Putin

For European football fans wary of Russia, a World Cup match just 50km (31 miles) across the border from the EU could be just the ticket.


World Cup 2018: Russia promises 'unprecedented' security

World Cup 2018, Russia, 'unprecedented' security

At a surveillance centre in Kaliningrad, monitoring teams are keeping a close eye on the city.


Elvis Presley's drummer DJ Fontana dies in his sleep

DJ Fontana, the last surviving member of Elvis Presley's band, has died at the age of 87.


Unfit in middle age: Are you doomed?

Are you someone in middle age who keeps putting off that planned health kick for another day?


Comcast bids for Murdoch's Fox assets in Disney challenge

Rupert Murdoch and his sons, Comcast, bid for parts of 21st Century Fox, global competition

Comcast, the US media conglomerate, has launched a bid for parts of 21st Century Fox, after getting rebuffed last year in favour of Disney.


Trump Kim summit: North Korean media celebrates meeting

Trump Kim summit, North Korean media celebrates meeting

North Korea has celebrated the Trump-Kim summit as a great win for the country, with state media reporting that the US intends to lift sanctions.


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