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Surabaya attacks: Family of five bomb Indonesia police headquarters

Indonesia, Surabaya attacks, bomb

A suicide bombing at a police headquarters in the Indonesian city of Surabaya on Monday was carried out by a family of five riding on two motorbikes,


David Goodall: Scientist, 104, ends his life in Switzerland

David Goodall,: scientist,  end life

Scientist David Goodall, 104, has died after choosing to end his life at a clinic in Switzerland, a right-to-die organisation says.


Origins of amphibian-killing fungus uncovered

East Asia, origins of amphibian-killing fungus, uncovered

A deadly fungus that has ravaged amphibian populations worldwide probably originated in East Asia, new research suggests.


US commercial drones given green light

Drones that monitor crops, control mosquito populations and deliver defibrillators are to be tested in US airspace.


London ranked top city for students

London has been ranked as the best city in the world for university students.The top 30 rankings for student cities, produced by the QS higher education data analysts, has previously put Mon [ … ]


Potential new cure found for baldness

A potential new cure for baldness has been discovered using a drug originally intended to treat osteoporosis.


BMW advert 'promoted dangerous driving'

BMW, advert, 'promoted dangerous driving'

BMW has been reprimanded after one of its TV adverts was judged to have promoted 'faster, dangerous and irresponsible driving'.


Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamad on course to be world's oldest elected leader

Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, world's oldest elected leader

Mahathir Mohamad is on course to become the world's oldest elected leader at 92, after a shock victory in Malaysia's bitterly fought election.


Iran nuclear deal: Trump pulls US out in break with Europe allies

US President Donald Trump says he will withdraw the US from an Obama-era nuclear agreement with Iran.


Indonesian study into health risks of microplastics

Indonesia, health risks of microplastics, tiny plastic particles, affect human health

Indonesian scientists have launched the largest ever study into whether tiny plastic particles can affect human health.


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