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Babies die after mums given Viagra in Dutch trial

A Viagra in pregnancy trial has been urgently stopped after 11 newborn babies died.


US to give farmers $12bn trade war bailout

The Trump administration has unveiled a $12bn (£9.1bn) plan aimed at helping US farmers hurt by the intensifying trade war.


Japan heatwave declared natural disaster as death toll mounts

Japan's weather agency has declared a heatwave sweeping the country a natural disaster, with at least 65 deaths recorded in the past week.


Greece wildfires: At least 20 killed, dozens injured

Greece, forest fires

Forest fires raging across Greece have killed at least 20 people, the government says, as the authorities there seek international assistance.


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang calls for crackdown on vaccine industry

Authorities in China have ordered an investigation into a vaccination scandal as panic grows over product safety.


Two dead as 15 people shot in Toronto

Toronto, shooting incident, dead, injured

Two people, including the gunman and a young woman, have been killed and 13 others injured in a shooting incident in Toronto,


First malaria drug in 60 years given approval

Malaria drug, given approval, US

A drug to treat malaria - the first such pill to get approval in 60 years - has been given the green light by authorities in the United States.


Trump invites Putin to visit US

US President Donald Trump has invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to visit the US in the autumn, his press secretary says.


Ryan Gosling's Neil Armstrong movie to open Venice Film Festival

Winter film awards season, Venice Film Festival, Ryan Gosling's Neil Armstrong movie

Summer 2018 has so far given us plenty of hot weather and a World Cup which broke the record for most own goals scored in the tournament's history.


Slowing Gulf Stream current to boost warming for 20 years

Slowing Gulf Stream current, boost warming for 20 years

The prospect of the Gulf Stream slowing down and even stopping altogether has worried many experts in recent years.


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