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Google: An A to Z of search results

Google, A to Z of search results, three billion searches a day

Google now handles more than three billion searches a day. The vast majority are for complete words or phrases. But premature pushes of the enter key mean many end up being for single letter [ … ]


Syphilis: How deadly disease has spread in Australia

Syphilis, deadly disease, spread in Australia

Less than a decade ago, doctors in Australia believed they were close to eliminating syphilis from remote indigenous communities - the centre of national efforts to fight the disease.


Trump: US and EU agree to work towards lower trade barriers

The US has agreed to work towards lowering trade barriers with the European Union, Donald Trump said on Wednesday after a meeting with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker.


Beijing blast: Small explosive device set off near US embassy

Beijing blast, near US embassy, small explosive device

A man has set off a small explosive device close to the US embassy in Beijing, officials have confirmed.


Laos dam collapse: Race to rescue flooded villagers

Laos, dam collapse, race to rescue flooded villagers

Rescuers are racing to find survivors after a dam in Laos collapsed late on Monday, flooding several villages and killing at least 20 people.


Babies die after mums given Viagra in Dutch trial

A Viagra in pregnancy trial has been urgently stopped after 11 newborn babies died.


US to give farmers $12bn trade war bailout

The Trump administration has unveiled a $12bn (£9.1bn) plan aimed at helping US farmers hurt by the intensifying trade war.


Japan heatwave declared natural disaster as death toll mounts

Japan's weather agency has declared a heatwave sweeping the country a natural disaster, with at least 65 deaths recorded in the past week.


Greece wildfires: At least 20 killed, dozens injured

Greece, forest fires

Forest fires raging across Greece have killed at least 20 people, the government says, as the authorities there seek international assistance.


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang calls for crackdown on vaccine industry

Authorities in China have ordered an investigation into a vaccination scandal as panic grows over product safety.


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