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Oil and chemical spills from Hurricane Harvey big, but dwarfed by Katrina

Oil and chemical spills, Hurricane Harvey, Katrina, dwarfed

More than 22,000 barrels of oil, refined fuels and chemicals spilled at sites across Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, along with millions of cubic feet of natural gas and hundreds of tons of other toxic substances, a Reuters review of [ … ]


Trump signs resolution condemning white supremacists

Trump signs resolution condemning white supremacists

'You have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also,' Trump said.


Irma knocks out power to nearly four million in Florida: utilities

Florida, Hurricane Irma, knocks out power

Hurricane Irma knocked out power to nearly 4 million homes and businesses in Florida on Sunday, threatening millions more as it crept up the state’s west coast, and full restoration of servi [ … ]


Two-thirds of American adults get news from social media: survey

Facebook remained as the dominant platform for news. 


U.S. may need new law to address Russian ad buys on Facebook: senator

Facebook, U.S., new law, address Russian ad buys

U.S. legislation may be needed to require social media companies to disclose more about how their platforms are used for political advertising, a senior Democratic lawmaker said on Thursday, [ … ]


Monstrous Hurricane Irma kills 14 in Caribbean, heads for Florida

Hurricane Irma, Caribbean, flooding, destroyed

The eye of Hurricane Irma grazed the Turks and Caicos Islands on Thursday, rattling buildings after it smashed a string of Caribbean islands as one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in a [ … ]


Hurricane Irma worsens Latin America's fuel supply crunch

Hurricane Irma, Latin America's fuel supply crunch, worsens

Hurricane Irma has shut down oil terminals across the northern Caribbean, worsening a fuel supply crunch in Latin American countries that have struggled to meet demand since Hurricane Harvey [ … ]


Hurricane Irma lashes Caribbean islands; Florida braces for hit

Hurricane Irma, powerful Atlantic storms, Caribbean islands; Florida

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in a century, howled past Puerto Rico on Wednesday after thrashing several smaller Caribbean islands with tree-snapping winds, drench [ … ]


US agents close Russian trade mission, Moscow protests

US agents close Russian trade mission, Moscow protests

The United States and Russia are in the grip of a diplomatic dispute, and the trade representative's office is part of a group of properties Washington has ordered closed.


After the flood, Fed likely to see little change in economy, policy course

US, flood, Fed, economy, change

The economic fallout from Hurricane Harvey will make the Federal Reserve’s job more difficult when it meets in three weeks, but U.S. central bankers have looked past major storms before with [ … ]


FDA steps up scrutiny of stem cell therapies

FDA, stem cell therapies, types of stem cell transplants, burn victims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is stepping up efforts to better regulate an emerging field of medicine that holds significant promise for curing some of the most troubling diseases by [ … ]


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