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Delhi reintroduces car rationing to curb pollution

The government in the Indian capital, Delhi, has reintroduced car rationing to curb alarming levels of pollution.


India: Separated twin 'opens eyes' four days after surgery

India, separated twin

One of the twin boys who were conjoined at the head has opened his eyes four days after a historic surgery to separate them in India, a doctor says.


Typhoon leaves flooding, four dead in Japan before moving out to sea

Japan, typhoon Lan, landfall, flooding

A rapidly weakening typhoon Lan made landfall in Japan on Monday, setting off landslides and flooding that prompted evacuation orders for tens of thousands of people, but then headed out to [ … ]


Abe to push reform of Japan's pacifist constitution after election win

Abe, election win, push reform of Japan's pacifist constitution

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling bloc scored a big win in Sunday’s election, bolstering his chance of becoming the nation’s longest-serving premier and re-energizing his push to r [ … ]


Japan voters to deliver verdict on PM Abe's nearly five-year rule

Media forecasts show Abe's gamble on the snap poll is likely to pay off.


McDonald's South Korea office raided in burger probe: reports

McDonald, South Korean investigators, raided, burger probe

South Korean investigators raided the Seoul office of McDonald’s Corp on Wednesday, following a series of complaints that children fell ill after eating hamburger patties alleged to have bee [ … ]


Japan fires up biomass energy, but fuel shortage looms

Japan, wood-burning biomass projects, basic energy policy

As the sun sets on Japan’s solar energy boom, companies and investors are rushing into wood-burning biomass projects to lock in still-high government subsidies.


Tens of thousands flee rumbling Bali volcano

Bali officials said the island was still generally safe but urged tourists to stay away from tourism spots located within the danger zone.


North Korea quake not a nuclear test, say China experts

The earthquake was likely a 'lagged collapse earthquake.'


Quiet energy revolution underway in Japan as dozens of towns go off the grid

Japan, quiet energy revolution, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, rebuild its electric power system

A northern Japanese city’s efforts to rebuild its electric power system after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami mark a quiet shift away from the country’s old utility model toward self-reliant [ … ]


Horrific fire in Malaysia sparks outrage over unregulated religious schools

Horrific fire in Malaysia sparks outrage over unregulated religious schools

Growing conservatism has led to a boom in the number of Islamic religious schools, most of which are privately-run.


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