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Maoist rebels in Philippines attack presidential guards; 1 dead, 5 wounded

Maoist rebels in Philippines attack presidential guards; 1 dead, 5 wounded

The incident could dent efforts to agree ceasefire.


MH370 search data unveils fishing hotspots, ancient geological movements

MH370 search data, unveil, detailed sea-floor maps

Detailed sea-floor maps made during the unsuccessful search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, released by Australia on Wednesday, could help increase the knowledge of rich fisherie [ … ]


Bad weather brought down Myanmar army plane, say investigators

Investigators, Myanmar military plane, crashed, Andaman Sea, due to bad weather

Investigators have concluded that a Myanmar military plane that crashed last month with 122 soldiers, family members and crew on board stalled and nosedived into the Andaman Sea due to bad w [ … ]


Japan doctor who practiced until months before his death dies at 105

Japanese doctor, saw patients, dies at 105

A centenarian Japanese doctor who saw patients until just months before his death and helped set up the medical systems that have made Japan one of the world's longest-lived nations died on [ … ]


On third MH17 anniversary, families to unveil 'living memorial'

On third MH17 anniversary, families to unveil 'living memorial'

No suspects have been arrested since the tragic happened three years ago.


North Korea may have more nuclear bomb material than thought: US think tank

There were signs of at least short-term activity at North Korea’s Experimental Light Water Reactor that could be cause for concern.


Singapore protest demands inquiry into PM family feud

'Singapore belongs to Singaporeans and not to the Familee.'


Cambodian temple site gets UNESCO world heritage status

Cambodian temple site, UNESCO world heritage status

The U.N. cultural organization added an ancient temple site in Cambodia to its world heritage list, the government said on Sunday, bringing the number of heritage sites in the Southeast Asia [ … ]


Japan rescuers dig through rubble as rain goes on, at least six dead

Japan rescuers, heavy rain, evacuate

Thousands of Japanese rescuers dug through twisted wood and mud on Friday in the wake of freak rains that killed six people and forced nearly 80,000 from their homes, with more rain falling [ … ]


Thailand: Home to some of world's biggest crocodile farms

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Thailand, biggest crocodile farms

Thailand is home to some of the world's biggest crocodile farms, where tourists can see the giant reptiles lounging in the hot sun, chomping on chicken, or swarming in emerald green pools.

[ … ]

China disburses $100 million to help deal with flooding

Chinese government, disbursed, emergency aid, camp beds, flooding

The Chinese government has disbursed 700 million yuan ($103 million) in emergency aid to four provinces in the south and east to help them deal with widespread flooding,


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