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EU car firms should cut CO2 emissions by 30% from 2030

The European Commission has published proposals aimed at reducing vehicles' carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2030.


Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

Bank of England, Brexit, finance jobs, lost

The Bank of England believes that up to 75,000 jobs could be lost in financial services following Britain's departure from the European Union.


Spain-Catalonia standoff set to intensify as leaders take hard lines

Spain’s political, Catalonia, Catalan government

Spain’s political showdown with Catalonia is set to reach a new level on Thursday when political leaders in Madrid and Barcelona are expected to make good on pledges made to their supporters [ … ]


Milan hopes to gain from Barcelona's pain in race for EU drugs agency

Milan, Spain’s Catalonia crisis, EMA, monitoring safety of drugs across Europe

Milan is hoping that Spain’s Catalonia crisis will give the Italian city a boost in getting to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the European Union agency quitting London because of [ … ]


Paris plans to banish all but electric cars by 2030

Paris, plan, banish all petrol- and diesel-fueled cars, reduce greenhouse gases

Paris authorities plan to banish all petrol- and diesel-fueled cars from the world’s most visited city by 2030, Paris City Hall said on Thursday.


Catalonia baulks at formal independence declaration to allow talks

Catalonia, baulk, formal independence declaration

Catalonia’s leader balked at making a formal declaration of independence from Spain on Tuesday, calling for talks with Madrid over the region’s future in a gesture that eased fears of immedi [ … ]


Catalan leader under pressure to drop independence

Catalan leader, pressure, drop independence

Catalonia’s secessionist leader faced increased pressure on Monday to abandon plans to declare independence from Spain, with France and Germany expressing support for the country’s unity.

[ … ]

Catalonia moves to declare independence from Spain on Monday

Catalonia, declare independence, from Spain

Catalonia will move on Monday to declare independence from Spain after holding a banned referendum, pushing the European Union nation toward a rupture that threatens the foundations of its y [ … ]


Brexit talks warmer after May's speech, but no closure

Brexit talks, May's speech, warmer

The European Union and Britain made progress in the latest round of divorce talks, but not enough to move to the next phase of discussions on a transition period after Brexit or a future tra [ … ]


Chastened Merkel braces for coalition tussle after vote

Germany, Angela Merkel, election, fourth term

Germany’s Angela Merkel turns to the complex task of sounding out partners in a potentially fragile coalition after securing a fourth term as chancellor in Sunday’s election even though her [ … ]


Six people believed injured in suspected London acid attack

The incident was not being treated as terror-related, a police spokesman said.


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