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Trump invites Putin to visit US

US President Donald Trump has invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to visit the US in the autumn, his press secretary says.


Ryan Gosling's Neil Armstrong movie to open Venice Film Festival

Winter film awards season, Venice Film Festival, Ryan Gosling's Neil Armstrong movie

Summer 2018 has so far given us plenty of hot weather and a World Cup which broke the record for most own goals scored in the tournament's history.


Slowing Gulf Stream current to boost warming for 20 years

Slowing Gulf Stream current, boost warming for 20 years

The prospect of the Gulf Stream slowing down and even stopping altogether has worried many experts in recent years.


The driving school for flying cars

Driving school for flying cars

It seems just about everyone has been launching a flying car lately, but the Kitty Hawk Flyer stands out for one big reason: it’s here today.


Google hit with €4.3bn Android fine from EU

Google, Android fine, EU

Google has been fined a record €4.34bn ($5bn; £3.9bn) over Android. The European Commission said the firm had used the mobile operating systemto illegally 'cement its dominant position' in s [ … ]


Trump-Putin summit: US president under fire over poll meddling comments

Trump-Putin summit, Finnish capital Helsinki

There has been a barrage of criticism in the US after President Donald Trump defended Russia over claims of interference in the 2016 elections.


Rolls Royce develops propulsion system for flying taxi

Rolls Royce, flying taxi

Engine maker Rolls-Royce has designed a propulsion system for a flying taxi which it says could take to the skies as soon as early next decade.


Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7bn damages in talc cancer case

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $4.7bn (£3.6bn) in damages to 22 women who alleged that its talc products caused them to develop ovarian cancer.


Nato summit: Leaders to focus on Afghanistan conflict

Nato leaders plan to turn their attentions to the conflict in Afghanistan, on the second day of a summit so far dominated by demands from President Donald Trump.


Facebook faces £500,000 fine from UK data watchdog

UK data watchdog, Facebook faces fine

The UK's data protection watchdog intends to fine Facebook £500,000 for data breaches - the maximum allowed.


Major sewage pollution incidents increase

Major sewage pollution incidents increase, drought, floods, climate warms

Water companies are still not doing enough to protect streams and rivers, the Environment Agency reports.


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